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Medical teams performing fluoroscopy-guided procedures are regularly exposed to high cumulative doses of harmful radiation. They wear heavy protection gear, which provides only partial protection, while taking its toll on their skeletal health.

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We develop a game-changing technology for radiation protection that provides better protection and unparalleled comfort.

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To provide a safe work environment and freedom from heavy protective apparel for medical teams, thus imroving their health and increasing their capacity and productivity.

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Scattered Radiation

Medical teams in interventional suites are regularly exposed to hazardous X-ray radiation.

With the growth in number and complexity of fluoroscopy-guided procedures, the exposure of medical teams to high cumulative doses of radiation is dangerously increasing.

Studies show alarming effects of radiation exposure on physicians, including increased risk for brain tumors, cognitive damages, cataract and various types of cancer.

The existing protective gear is heavy and causing orthopedic injuries, loss of working capacity, reduced efficiency, and does not provide full body protection.

Therefore, a new approach is needed for radiation protection solutions.

Our new technology is a paradigm shift that provides dramatically reduced radiation exposure and increased comfort, resulting in better health and increased performance.

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Our Technology

Radiaction’s innovative radiation shielding technology enables full body protection to all medical team members anywhere in the interventional suite.

Protection levels provided by our technology are higher than current gold standard solutions, such as lead aprons and segmental shields.

The unique concept shifts the shielding from the personnel to the fluoroscopy system itself and encapsulates the scattered radiation at its origin.

  • Full body protection, including head and hands
  • One system protects all personnel anywhere in the room
  • Automatic operation
  • Seamless integration into the work flow
  • Zero-impact on image quality
  • Lead-free & non-toxic materials
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Radiation on Physician
Standard Lead Apron
(0.5 mm Pb)

Our Mission

To improve the health and efficiency of medical teams by dramatically reducing radiation exposure and burden of heavy protective apparel.

We aspire for all medical teams in the interventional rooms to be free from wearing heavy and limiting protective apparel while being protected from hazardous radiation, relieving them from orthopedic injuries and life threatening illnesses.

Recent tests show significant reduction in the amount of radiation that reaches the body of the medical team members around the room.

The Radiaction system reduced the scattered radiation by over 97% for the entire team, in comparison to 93% with a standard lead apron, that does not cover the head, hands and legs. The tests showed the great value of our technology in providing better protection than current standard solutions to everyone, everywhere around the interventional suite.

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