Block Radiation
at the Source

Full Body Protection
for the Entire Healthcare Team
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High exposure to scattered C-arm radiation has increased health risks for interventionists and medical teams. Side effects of radiation exposure when caring for patients in the cath lab can be avoided.

The Radiaction system is the first and only automated technology to block radiation at the source, providing head-to-toe protection to the entire interventional team. This simple yet sophisticated technology attaches to the C-arm and deploys at the touch of a button, seamlessly integrating into procedural workflow and allowing immediate patient access.

  • Quick pre-procedure device prep
  • One-button deployment and retraction
  • Zero effect on C-arm performance and maneuverability

You no longer have to accept the risks of radiation exposure—block over 90% of radiation scatter and get the comprehensive protection you and your teams deserve. Learn more about Radiaction. Schedule your session today.

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